Sabine Radiske


The TRIGA-S Team collaborates with international partners within the scope of globally-conducted clinical studies on a regular basis. In order to ensure safety, professional excellence, mutual trust and absolute reliability, we depend on our team’s high-level communication skills at every level of our international commitment.

In the five years Ms.Charlotte Weston-Horsmann has been coaching team members on a regular basis, our team has continually developed their communication skill and agility with regard to understanding culture-based nuances, different communication styles, expectations and approaches to problem-solving.

These regular, custom-designed coaching sessions geared toward the specific needs of individual team members constitute a valuable contribution to our international partnerships.

Dr. Hans Günther Barth

Rath, Anders, Dr. Wanner & Partner mbB

R.A.W. & Partner is among the leading middle-market auditing, tax consultant and law firms in Germany. In the wake of increasing globalization, we are in constant contact with English-speaking clients and colleagues. With an eye to ongoing international developments in our field, we are acutely aware of the continual need to develop both our intercultural and strategic communication skills.

Ms. Weston-Horsmann developed a training program that was perfectly attuned to the needs of our team with a focus on situation-based communication strategies required in international business interaction.

Ms. Weston-Horsmann set the stage with a variety of interactive training methods and facilitated hands-on role plays followed by inspiring discussion sessions to motivate the team. Ms. Weston-Horsmann’s extensive international background, in particular, brought to light the intricacies of intercultural communication.

The training developed and facilitated by Ms. Weston-Horsmann exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Charlotte for the extremely helpful support. We will remain in contact. Further workshops for our staff are already in the planning.

sgd Rolf Schlagintweit

CEO Verimax GmbH

As one the two owners and CEO of Verimax, an international consulting firm for I.T. security, it is of utmost importance to ensure that our customers can depend on our service at all times. Communication skills based on being able to clearly understand and meet the needs of our international customers is among our top priorities.

In several coaching sessions, Charlotte helped me to clarify culture-nuanced perspectives and communication issues to bridge the gap between uncertainty and understanding that paved the way for renewed trust. I gained valuable insights in terms of intercultural competence, and was able to adapt my communication style to anticipate and meet customer needs and expectations.

I highly recommend Charlotte.

B. Krishnamurthy


Charlotte has been a great coach. She was the mentor for a cohort of 6 of us who went though the C-IQ certification during 2018-19. She enabled us to collaborate well. Her insightful discussions elevated our thinking process. She was liberal to share her experience to reinforce the learning.

Charlotte was not only knowledgeable but also practical in her approach. Her review comments on our work products were insightful.

In my view, she made a difference to the program. She maintains her contact with us all, to share and grow together. Best wishes.

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